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Hedgehog Supplies Check List:

Below we have put together a list of all supplies that will be needed for your new hedgehog.


Hedgehog cages need to be a solid surface bottom and 3-4 square feet of total space with good ventilation. Aquariums are NOT a good choice as they do not give the proper amount of ventilation and retain moisture. We recommend using  a wire top small animal cage with 3-4 square feet of space to place everything your hedgehog will need. (Examples: Midwest Rabbit Deluxe Habitat, Living World Large or XL, Critter Nation, or Rabbit or Guinea Pig Habituate with solid bottom, No Second Levels unless mortified.) You also want to be careful with choosing a cage, some are not made to have heat in them. if heated up, it can release chemicals that can cause major health problems. If you are looking at a cage, always check with your breeder, if it is safe to use before buying it. 


We use Carolina Storm Wheels which are hand made specifically for hedgehogs. A solid surfaced wheel is an absolute necessity for hedgehogs and CSBW are the best on the market. These are hand made and are truly silent. When ordering, you need to order the bucket wheel (which are transparent in color, Not the solid colors-which are express and to small for a full grown hedgehog). We also make Fleece Wheel Covers for your Hedgehogs Wheels, these work great to reduce "Poop Boots" and makes cleaning the CSBW much easier. (Store bought Wheels are not made with the best interest of your hedgehog in mind. They can cause unnecessary vet bills from injuries. ) Carolina Storm Bucket Wheels  CSBW Fleece Wheel Covers

Litter Box:

It is recommended to have a litter tray underneath the wheel, which will encourage the continue use of the litter box when your hedgehog goes home. Our hedgehogs are 92% litter boxed trained and all babies begin litter box training when they are up and running around out side the nest. Carolina Storm Wheels have the option to buy a litter tray with your wheel. Other options can be an aluminium tray, or a large square plastic plate (something that can be washed). Having a Second Litter Box in the cage will help continue litter box training when your baby comes home. We sell Litter Boxes on our Etsy.


Fleece liners are what we use and are the best option for hedgehogs as they are reusable and are a huge money saver, as it is a one time purses. They keep the cage clean, encourages the use of the litter box and reduces health problems and exposing your hedgehog to mites. Disposable bedding options are available as well. Aspen or paper bedding are suitable, but they need to be put in a freezer for a minimum of 24 hours prior to use to kill any mites that may be living in the bedding.

Food and Water Bowls:

All our Hedgehogs are use to our Hedgehog Safe Water Bottles that we make. If you want to try to use a water bowl, you need to watch to ensure your hedgehog is drinking. They can become dehydrated very easy. 

Heat Source:

CHE set up (ceramic heat emitter bulb, dome lamp, thermostat) is what we suggest that you use with your hedgehog. Space heater is another option, but remember the temp in the hedgehogs cage needs to be between 78-82 degrees. The ambiance temp of a room needs to be much higher to reach this temp in the cage. Unless you have multiple cages in a small room you can heat, the CHE is a better choose. We will talk about your new hedgehogs heat set up before you take your new hedgehog home.   150 CHE Heat Bulb  8.5" in line on/off switch Heat Lamp  Digital Thermostat   Wifi Thermostat Heat System is all 3 Parts. 


You should always have a Digital Thermometer in your hedgehogs cage at all time. This way at a glance you can see what the temp is to ensure the cage is holding the temp you need it to be.

House to sleep in / Hide Away:

A large size plastic igloo is a perfect size for a hedgehog, just be sure to add a Fleece Sleeping Bag. We make all kinds of supplies for hedgehogs, so take a look at the link to our Etsy Page. We offer over 700 options of prints to choose from. We also do custom orders if you need liners or anything for your new hedgehog.

Grooming Supplies: 

Hedgehog Safe Shampoo (we use Johnson & Johnson Vanilla Oatmeal Baby Soap. A soft bristled toothbrush, baby nail clippers, and a towel just for your hedgehog, and also a hair dryer. 

Carrying/Bonding Bag:

These are great to carry your hedgehog around in. They also work as a great bonding tool without having to hold your hedgehog.


There are many different toys you can have for your hedgehog. They especially love tunnels. We have a variety of toys that are Hedgehog safe in our Etsy Store. Hedgehog Safe Toys 

Scale that weighs in GRAMS:

You will need this to do weekly weight checks. You will need to keep a diary of your hedgehogs weight. This will help you catch if your hedgehog is sick (if they drop in weight. Hedgehogs are animals of Pray, so they hide their injuries and sicknesses very well)




Going on vacation can be a stressful time for your hedgehog and you. We believe it is important to keep your pet in its usual routine, and we try to make your pets stay with us as stress free and enjoyable as we can. We are always here to help out when we can and want to make sure that we provide everyone with up to date information.

Other Resources
Vets that Treat Hedgehogs in New England:



All our hedgehogs are seen at All Pets Medical. Dr. Annette Herbst is wonderful. She cares about our animals and provides them with the best medical care. We would love to hear about your experiences with the different vets though, so please feel
free to contact us about that as well.

Hedgehog Groups:



love scrolling though them to see what is going on in the hedgehog community. They are great places to ask questions and to learn new things. And of course show off you quill kids. A day is not full-filled with out learning something new. Take a look at them, you will have lots of fun and maybe meet people that live close by.

Hedgehog Heating Supplies:



Here at Cape Cod Hedgehogs we have rooms dedicated just for our hedgehogs. We use a large space heater that has a thermostat built right into it. But there are times when we have to have a hedgehog outside the room and have to set up their own heat source and we really like the reliability of using a CHE.