Cape Cod Hedgehogs
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Available Hedgehogs

***Sale ... All Baby Boys that are on sale, have to be paid in full *** 

(Sale Boys have to be picked up with in 7 days of take home date and 200 grams or if they are ready now, 7 days from the date of payment)

All hedgehogs go home with a starter bag of food, a sleeping bag and a toy. They come with a Health Guarantee and Life Time Support and Help.  If you are interested in adopting a hedgehog please fill out our pre-adoption questionnaire  that is provided in our Adoption Process section. No hedgehog will be held with out a deposit or paid in full sale price. If you have any questions after reading through all of the information provided in our Adoption Process and Hedgehog Care sections, please feel free to contact us. In order to place a deposit on a hedgehog, the Pre Adoption Questionnaire needs to be filled out and received,  Hedgehogs make wonderful pets, but they require specific care. We need to make sure that any home our babies are going to, are prepared to give them everything they need.