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Christmas 2019

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Christmas Babies

Photos of All Holiday Babies will be in a Secret Group on Facebook (Photos will be posted December 1st). In the order the deposits are received you will be allowed to choose which baby you would like. No one will have Access to the Group with out Approved Application and Paid Deposit. When Both are completed you will receive the URL of the group to join. Please remember that the photos, as they are posted will show up in your news feed, you can opt out of this option in the settings at the top of the page. 

We understand the excitement of getting a new hedgehog as a surprise gift for a loved one.

So after lots of thought of how to make this possible for the baby hedgehogs, to make it less stressful for them we will continue to go by "OUR ADOPTION PROCESS".

We do not hold hedgehogs with out the deposit,

And can not promise you a Hedgehog for the Holiday with out the Deposit.

Currently we are going to start a list for 25 babies.

Baby Hedgehogs are $250 with purchase of cage set up. (not including sales tax, and paypal fees. If babies have unique markings and colors they maybe a little more). 

Hedgehogs with out purchase of cage set up are Males 275 (and up) and Females 300 (and up)

Payment Plans are Available. All Hedgehogs have to be paid in Full By December 15th. 2019. For More Information, Please Feel Free to send us a Message @capecodhedgehogs or

If we happen to have more babies, We will contact you in the order your Questionnaire's was received to place your deposit (we should have a good idea by early to mid November of the total number of babies that will be looking for homes).

We have many amazing pairing planned for this holiday season. We are super excited to see what the babies will look like.

All Christmas Babies need to be paid in full by December 15th (and of course no matter what before they go home)

We can not make any exceptions. If your hedgehog is not paid in full by this time, you can risk loosing your baby and your Non-Refundable Deposit. The baby will be offered to the next person on the wait list.

All Christmas babies, we suggest that you take home before Christmas in order to have them start to get use To your home. But if you don't have a room available to keep them in prior to Christmas we are going to offer a couple windows of time on Christmas Eve to pick your hedgehog up. Once we come up with times that will be good for us, we will contact you to add your name to the time you would like to come bring them home. Given we operate out of our home and we also have a lot going on for Christmas, we ask you to plan ahead to make sure you are on time.

When you come pick up your baby you will have their paper work to fill out. A valid drivers license is required. If you plan on someone else coming to pick up your baby, you will need to come prior to you scheduled appointment to pick up to fill out all the paper work for your new pet (no exceptions and valid ID required by the person picking up).

If you have not already had your appointment with us and with the person the hedgehog is for prior to pick up to review the hedgehogs care, we will have a list of dates and times to bring the person that your hedgehog is for, back so we can teach everyone how to care for your new quill kid. If you fail to bring the hedgehog back with the person the hedgehog is for, it will void all warranties. It is VERY important that you know what you are doing with your new pet and also the person that the animal is for.

 Proof of proper cage, wheel, bedding and heating unit needs to be given before any hedgehog leaves our care.

If you would like to get on the wait list for Christmas we require a $75.00 non-refundable deposit (plus 3.00 Paypal invoice fee) to hold your baby.

Once we receive your deposit, we will ask that you mail us a T-Shirt that is not washed to put in with your hedgehog a few days before they go home (we will message you with the address when we are starting to get your hedgehog ready to go home),

We offer payment plans, but as noted above all babies have to be paid in full no later than December 15th. This ensured the baby will have a home, as we will offer the baby to the next person on the Priority Wait List if the baby is not paid in full by this date. .

Full Cage Setups will be Available for Purchase. Pre-Order no later than November 25th.

All Hedgehogs with their cage and supplies will be $400.

What you will be getting with this bundle package:

Your choose of baby hedgehog in the order your Deposit/Payment is received.

All our hedgehogs with purchase of cage set up are $250

Cage and Supplies:

Total if bought separate $325

Savings of $175.00 with the bundle package.

What will come with your Hedgehog:

Cage Wire top with solid bottom cage ($90.00)

Complete Heat System ($75.00) (

If you would like Wifi Thermostat there will be a $30 extra Charge)

Plastic Igloo for your hedgehog to sleep in ($15.00)

Carolina Storm Bucket Wheel (Our Cost with shipping $30.00)

1 Month of CCH Food Mix ($10.00)

Small Bag of Freeze Dried Mealworms ($10.00)

Small Bag of the litter we use to help encourage continuing using litter box ($10.00)

1 Holiday Print Sleeping Bag ($10.00)

1 Carry/Bonding Bag ($20.00)

Hand Warmer with cover ($5.00)

2 Toys for your new Hedgehog ($5.00)

Hedgehog Safe Water Bottle ($15.00)

Food Bowl

FLeece Liner for bottom of cage ($10.00)

If you would like to take advantage of this bundle package, please let us know below. All invoices will need to be paid in full no later than 11/25 if you want to take advantage of this savings, this will allow ample time to have the supplies delivered (everything moves slower though the post office during the holidays, and sometimes gets lost, this will give us time to make sure everything arrives before the holiday). You will be invoiced a separate invoice for the cage and cage supplies.

If you would like everything set up so you just have to take your new hedgehog home and plug them in, we will be offering set up of everything for a fee of $20.00, Please indicate below if you would like this (this needs to be known no later than December 11th to ensure you are added to the list. (this will be great for busy people that do not have the time to get everything together. if you would not like to use this service, a photo of the cage set up with the heat system hung correctly will be required when you take the hedgehog home.)

If you would like to order other things to add to your take home boxes, we will need to know what you would like no later than December 7th.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask:


Holiday Babies (Paid Deposits)

1: Reserved 

2: Reserved w Full Cage Set up

3: Reserved w Full Cage Set up

4: Reserved w Full Cage Set up

5: Reserved w Full Cage Set up

6: Reserved w Full Cage Set up
7: Reserved w Full Cage Set up

8: Reserved

9: Reserved w Full Cage Set up

10: Reserved w Full Cage Set up