Cape Cod Hedgehogs
One of New England's Top Hedgehog Breeders

General Wait List:

(No Deposit Required)

  1. Dale M. (Brown Badger Male)
  2. Ken P. (Standard Grey Female)
  3.  Liam F. (Dark Grey Badger F)
  4. .
  5. .
  6. .
  7. .

Wait Lists:

Priority Wait List

($75 non-refundable deposit required.)

Details below:

  1. Dave M. (Badger Female)
  2. Cindy W. (Black Eye White Female)
  3. Greg L. (2 Female Sister)
  4. Lee H. (Quad Male)
  5.  Paul R. (Female)
  6.  Elijah A. (Badger Female)
  10.  ______________________________Our Priority Wait List, is a paid wait list.
    In order to get placed on this wait list you need to fill out the pre-adoption inquiry form and PM it to us to review. We will get back to you with in a few days to set up a phone call to talk more about what questions you have about taking care of a hedgehog, along with any questions you might have.
    Once you become an approved home, You have read though our Adoption Process and agree to what we have outlined in our contract (Ex. No Breeding of any animal from Cape Cod Hedgehogs). Then we will send you a Paypal invoice, which will include the 75.00 Non-Refundable Deposit (which is applied to the final cost of the Hedgehog) along with a 3.00 Paypal Fee and MA State Tax’s. Reaming balance is due at pick up of the animal, Cash Only.
    Being on our Priority Wait List, Allows you to have first pick of new available babies, over the general public. (Ex. you are looking for a specific sex and color, you would have choose in the order your deposit and approved application was received).
    When you are on this wait list, and expected babies are born, we will PM you and let you know. Around 2-3 weeks (given the mom if she will allow photos) we will message everyone the photos. I will start in order and contact you to see which baby you would like. you will then have 24 hours to respond with your pick. If you do not respond, we will move on to the next person in order. But you will not be bumped off the list.
    Any Questions, Please Free to ask.
    ***Cape Cod Hedgehogs Reserves the rights to make changes to this contract and any other written policy's with out notice. To refuse Service. Any animal that is Neglected /Abused or Breech in Contract will be removed from the Buyers care with out notice and Legal action will be be taken if necessary (at the buyers cost). We will go over everything you need to know. But in the future you have any question please feel free to ask. All owners will join the facebook groups for support and to learn more about their new pets. These links have been provided in the screening process. We love our animals, and only want what is best for them. *** 
Pre Adoption Questionnaire must be filled out and approved before you can be placed on any wait list. 
2019 Holiday Wait list can be found under 2019 Christmas Page. (Click Here).